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Beautiful Charleston, a Kiting Paradise

As a place to visit Charleston is regarded as one of the most historic and visually stunning cities on the East coast of America. Voted for multiple years as one of the best places to visit by Condé Nast and full of things to do for every member of the family it is the ultimate destination for the travelling kiter.

Realistically the conditions are what define a great place to learn and the Charleston waters have some of the most impressive and varied locations to learn. For every month of the year we receive consistent winds, typically from the SW and NE which strengthen throughout the day. This makes it a perfect place to pick up the skills you need.



The winter sees clear skies and cool temperatures (cool for us, but still positively warm versus the cold North!) with amazing winds. Typically we see days of solid NE and some NW winds which are always very consistent and can be strong. It is the perfect time of year to hit the waves, perfect a new discipline or push your levels with your Force coach.


Spring is a wonderful time of year and whilst the buds on the trees flourish and the sun climbs higher in the sky we see some of our very best conditions. A decent mix of NE and SW makes up the predominant forecast. Heading deeper into the season the water temperatures jump by several degrees on a daily basis so you could easily move from wetsuits to boardshorts in a single day!


Southwest is here! The summer months deliver days and days of the fabled Southwest wind which all kiteboarders on the East coast know and love. Warm winds with amazing weather are a staple for these classic days on the water. All you will need to do is make sure you have some sun protection as the beaches and water do get warm. If you want to learn to kiteboard then like this spring, this is the perfect time!


Ever wondered why no­one leaves Charleston in the fall? Well it might be because it is simple the best time of year for anyone that loves watersports. Long range swells pop up from tropical activity, winds crank and the beaches empty out a little. The temperatures fall off their summer highs and make a full day on the beach the best place to be. These are the days of leg aching sessions, constant progression and the finest memories of the area.

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Florida keys are pretty bad ass if you want to learn in the winter.
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