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I am thinking to move from the 2016 gear quiver towards the 2017 quiver and would like to check with you what would you recommend.

So far I ride a Envy 10.5m, Solo 15.5m, Legacy 139 and Happy Pill board. I FreeRide, hooked jumps and maybe will try some foiling.

I ride the Solo since it came out in 2015 but after having the 2015 and 2016 models, I kind of got tired of same issues: - too much flutter and hard to get out of waves.

I would like a 2 kite-2 boards quiver (and maybe a hydro if I learn how to switch feet on board)

What would you recommend for the Light Wind kite?
2017 NV 15m ? (I see they say wind range is 7-18 knots)
2017 Solo-V3 15.5m ?  (Solo they say wind range is 7-13 knots)

For light wind I am thinking about a Libre.

What would you recommend for my regular board?
2017 Element, Legacy, Echo, Element Carbon?

Thank you in advance for your advice and maybe if it's OK with you when I get some free time I may come down to test some before I buy.
Thanks and look forward for your reply. :)

asked Oct 9, 2016 in Gear by Edy | 400 views

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